Sun and Sand

This weekend, I was lucky enough to celebrate my best friend's birthday at Rehoboth Beach. We had an absolutely wonderful time! The weather was perfect and breezy - warm enough to lay out on the beach but cool enough to keep from roasting. Saturday was our "beach day" where we tried to catch as many rays as possible (slathered in SPF, of course). Embarrassing story that I'll reluctantly share - but only for the public service announcement. I wore a Target bandeau bikini that I purchased a few years ago. As soon as we got to the beach, I bent over to put my towel on the ground and while doing so, the plastic hook on the back of my bandeau broke (sadly, it must have been put through too much over the many beach trips, pool days, and spins in the washing machine). However, the worst part was the aftermath of the breakage... when the back of your bandeau breaks, your bathing suit top falls off... in front of the entire crowded beach. I rarely get embarrassed, so I didn't see it as a huge deal - luckily I packed another bathing suit! But my message is this: ladies, make sure that your swimsuit hooks are secure. 

Fortunately, the rest of the day went a little more as planned. We had dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant followed by drinks at a nearby karaoke bar. Before all of that, I was able to sneak out and take a few snapshots of the beach. I'm still learning how to use my new DSLR - so many options and controls - but every photo is an opportunity for me to learn more! I'm currently reading a lot of tutorials online (I have a Canon Rebel T3i), so I'd be happy to hear about any helpful sites you guys may know of! Here's a great set of tutorials if  you're interested.

Here's what my view looked like for the weekend:

Rehoboth Beach was a fantastic place to spend the weekend. There are lots of cute boutiques to browse, delicious restaurants to dine, and fun places to grab a drink. We also got cupcakes from a great bakery down there (called Cake Break) to celebrate my friend's birthday. Look how cute they look!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!


  1. Great photos! I really like these white benches! Such a great idea! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  2. These cupcakes! They look so yummy and cute. Darling blog!


  3. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like such a fun day and those cupcakes look delicious!

    ~ Caroline

  4. the place looks so beautiful!! feel like jumping into the water :) love the cupcakes :)

  5. I would love to spend a weekend in a beach like that! :)
    And thank you for visiting my blog earlier.


  6. Those cupcakes look simply amazing!!


    Rebecca x


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